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Everybody dies but
not everybody lives.

You were designed for peace, joy, and love; not for stress, anxiety, or fear.



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Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.

~ The Dalai Lama

The current stress level experienced by Americans is 20 percentage points higher than the global average.


Adults report emotions associated with prolonged stress.


Is lost each year in business productivity because of stress-related illnesses.


of U.S. workers suffer from work-related stress. 25% saying their job is #1 stressor in their lives.


of doctor visits in the United States are in some way related to prolonged stress.


- American Psychological Association 2021-2022

- American Institute of Stress, 2022

- HealthAdvocate, 2018-2022


When you are operating under recurrent levels of unmanaged stress, you are neither being your best self nor living your best life.

Not only are you not being the person you were meant to become in this lifetime but the quality of your life is massively being affected through challenges with your health, relationships, work, finances, and your overall fulfillment in life.

The good news is you can completely turn this around by learning to manage your recurrent levels of stress and shifting your focus toward achieving through at least an attitude of peace, or pazitud as I like to call it.

Pazitud saved my life and aligned me with my life mission and what I now call REAL success.

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I'm Yane!

I was your typical high achiever, type A personality perfectionist living with high levels of anxiety and unfulfillment that landed me in the hospital.


As it turned out, the debilitating gastritis and headaches I experienced while working in corporate in my twenties was a direct result of the recurrent levels of stress and anxiety through which I was operating day in and day out. The worst part, I didn't even know going about work in that way could get me sick.


Once I identified the real cause of the underlying anxiety I was experiencing, I was able to make the shift from stress to peace and was surprised to find out I could achieve more success by doing less and while preserving my peace of mind.

I'd love to be your guide in helping you enjoy your life as you work diligently toward achieving your wildest dreams.



I believe we can never achieve world peace without first connecting to our inner peace.

When we create an peaceful environment within, then we can have a clear mind to focus on creating real solutions for imminent world problems.

I imagine a world where children and adults understand themselves and others so they can heal and create their own version of heaven on earth. When this becomes a priority, then we will all lead our lives through peace, joy, and love instead of through stress, anxiety, and fear.



If you want to change the world, you must first become the change you'd like to see.


As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I am involved with multiple different initiatives that work together to support my mission of spreading inner peace in life and business. 

Life & Business Stress Management

Business is a spiritual process.


If in your business or work life you experience recurring levels of stress or anxiety, guess what? Such stress will trickle down to your personal life in the form of health, relationship, and financial struggles.

To manage your stressors you must first understand what they are and WHY they rob you of your peace. Then, you must place Pazitud Systems in place that will allow you to become successful AND also happy and fulfilled.

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, then I invite you to click the button below and get in touch!


Video Production & Video Marketing Without Stress

If you are a brand or want to become one, you MUST overcome stage fright and learn to deliver your brand on video in a confident way that showcases who you really are. If making videos for your business intimidates you, then let's talk. My specialty is obliterating your camera anxiety so you can shine like the movie star that you really are!

Click the button below to see some of my video production work.

Brand Strategy & Marketing Consulting
Without Stress

So you have a business idea but are not sure how to tell your story or showcase your offer. Maybe you already have a business but you know it's not doing as well as it should and your content is not really connecting people in the way you'd like.

With a well defined brand story and brand purpose, you will become limitless. One of the things that excites me the most is to work with conscious humans who want to bring to life a product or service that will serve humanity in a positive way. I can help you get clear about who you are, your purpose, and how to translate it into your brand. Then I can help you build your entire Marketing Strategy and business systems to make your soul-centered business run without stress. Does this excite me? You bet it does! 

But I only work with people who want to build brands that will serve humanity in an impactful way. If this is what is in your heart, then let's talk! 


Producer & Host, 
The Child Care Channel

This channel is a collaboration I have with 1Core Solution, a Childcare SaaS company committed to delivering peace of mind to the world of childcare. In the channel I interview leaders in the childcare space and outside that have something of value to contribute to fix the broken childcare industry in the United States. The channel is ultimately intended to promote positive change in all areas of childcare so young children can grow up in environments that are safe and that will set them up for success through peace, not more stress and anxiety.

Pazitud Music

Music has a higher intelligence beyond what logic tries to explain. Music has the power to heal bodies and souls. It has the power to immediately connect us to our peace and to allow us to feel and channel love. Music can uplift our moods and it can even connect us to our creator. However, there is music that can also do the complete opposite.

With Pazitud Music my intention is to create songs with meaningful lyrics and music with healing sound vibrations that will support you on your journey towards more peace, more joy, more love. Whether that is through original songs I make, or through sounds healing with quartz bowls and other instruments, Pazitud Music is an entire project that has my heart.

If you'd like private sound healing sessions with singing bowls, reach out to me!





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